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Calculate sum of Datatable columns and display in footer – Easy method with sum()

In this example let’s check how to calculate sum of datatable columns (multiple columns) and display the same in footer. In some cases we may need to display the sum of datatable columns at the footer, for example total marks. We can display the whole total – means the sum of datatable columns without pagination […]


Removing strings or non-integer values from an array in PHP – Simple and Easy Method

Removing non-integer entries from array in php Here we are going to discuss how to remove strings or non-integer values from an array in php. For this we need to use one simple array function in php called array_filter() . it always filters an array using a callback function. Syntax : Parameters : array :- […]


Extract values from JSON data using json_value() Sql – single query

How to extract values from json field using JSON_VALUE() in SQL We can extract a scalar value from json string in sql SELECT query. Syntax : JSON_VALUE ( expression ,[Path Mode] JSON_path ) Expression: This is the table field/column name or a variable that contains json values. It should be a valid expression, and else […]


Palindrome Number In PHP – simple and easy method

Write a program to find the number is Palindrome number in PHP A number is called Palindrome when its reverse is same as the orginal number. Eg:- Number = 12321, Reverse = 12321 Both the number and reverse is same thus its called as a palindrome number. Let’s check how to program palindrome number in […]

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