Removing strings or non-integer values from an array in PHP – Simple and Easy Method

Removing non-integer entries from array in php Here we are going to discuss how to remove strings or non-integer values from an array in php. For this we need to use one simple array function in php called array_filter() . it always filters an array using a callback function. Syntax : Parameters : array :- […]


Extract values from JSON data using json_value() Sql – single query

How to extract values from json field using JSON_VALUE() in SQL We can extract a scalar value from json string in sql SELECT query. Syntax : JSON_VALUE ( expression ,[Path Mode] JSON_path ) Expression: This is the table field/column name or a variable that contains json values. It should be a valid expression, and else […]


Palindrome Number In PHP – simple and easy method

Write a program to find the number is Palindrome number in PHP A number is called Palindrome when its reverse is same as the orginal number. Eg:- Number = 12321, Reverse = 12321 Both the number and reverse is same thus its called as a palindrome number. Let’s check how to program palindrome number in […]

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